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v Follow the rules and regulations


v Enter the school always in Uniform with ID card


v Obtain prior permission for planned leave on regular working days and school functions


v Submit leave form the next day in case of absence on health grounds


v Write neatly and legibly


v Keep their belongings safe


v Be responsible in bringing the things needed for the day’s class


v Bring books and notebooks according to the timetable


v Handle books and notebooks properly


v Respect Teachers and be polite


v Behave properly during recess and lunch-break


v Wear pressed uniform, tie, belt, ID card, socks / stockings and shoes


v Be clean, well- disciplined and punctual


v Maintain ID Card throughout the year


v Adhere to the hours of study


v Maintain more than 75% average marks in all subjects


v Keep silence in the Library and inside the class


v Be present for all the school functions and festivals


v Take utmost care of school property


Must Not


v Come late to the school


v Hurt or wound others morally/physically


v Indulge in any malpractice in the Test/Examinations


v Forge Parent’s Signature


v Possess cash (except students using cycle who can carry upto 25, for repairs)


v Bring chocolates / cakes / gifts for birthday or any other celebration


v Use any other notebook for rough work


v Maintain account in any of the social networking sites


v Ride powered two-wheelers other than cycles, especially in their school uniform


v Bring snacks of any kind


v Misbehave with other gender – Words/Action/Writings


v Physically assault fellow students


v Possess obscene photographs, magazines, electronic gadgets, media, devices, etc.,


v Participate in unauthorised celebrations


v Use vulgar words or engage in bad conversations


v Steal or damage other’s materials


v Wear costly ornaments or anklets except for ear studs at their own risk


v Waste food

Strict action will be taken against those students who fail to adhere to the above code of conduct/ behaviour. After warning , if the student continues to disobey, then the matter will be intimated to the parents and the student will be suspended with immediate effect. If the student continues to be indisciplined, then he/she will be removed from the school rolls. It is the Parents’ responsibility to monitor and act carefully. No appeal of mercy will be entertained.

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