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Handbook Amendments

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 From the Desk of the Educational Officer


 Srimathi Sundaravalli Memorial Educational Trust


 Montessori System of Education


 Junior Montessori - Montessori Learning Center


 Senior Montessori


 Hours of Study


 Case Study and Comprehensive File of Individual Student


 Group Allotment in Class XI


 General Conditions to Participate in the Tour


 Parents' Meeting


 Health Care


 Safety and Security of Students




 School Website and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


 Contact and Communication with the school


 Student's Database


 CCTV - Closed Circuit Television


 Social Networking Sites


 Dos and Don'ts for Students


 Assessment of Student's Behaviour


 Tuition and Coaching - A Humble Request to Parents


 Separated Family


 Instructions to Parents


 Warning to Parents




 Caution Deposit


 Admission & Withdrawal



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