Fine Arts

Fine Art is that, in which the hand, the head and the heart of man go together. Art is the only thing in the world that delights and enchants the creator and the observer. A Fine Art is developed primarily for aesthetic sense that makes us believe in life. Every student is bestowed with an artistic talent.

An exclusive Fine Arts department functions at the school to promote the musical, dancing and artistic talents of the students. This department opines that Art-making involves skills that can be learnt. This Art is an essential part of the enlightenment process.

The unapparent artistic talents of the students are brought to the spotlight during various occasions, functions and festivals. The students can opt for any one of the Fine Arts- namely Carnatic Music (vocal), Bharathanatyam, Violin, Mridangam, Keyboard, Art and Craft. In class VI, a student can opt for a changeover from Vocal Music to Veena group and a changeover from the Art and Craft to Photography group.

The method of selection of students for each art depends on the interest they carry or the flair they have for that particular art, however, subject to vacancies. A student can opt for the martial art-Karate instead of Fine Arts.

The students who have opted for Karate in classes III-V will attend Karate classes in their regular school uniform. From class VI, the students will be supplied with a set of Karate costume. The replacement of such uniform will be on payment.

The field of Fine Arts once selected cannot be changed.

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