Student's Details
- Name of the Pupil, Date of birth, Name of the Father and the Mother should be entered as in the Birth Certificate.
- Discrepancy if any, in the entry, the application will be rejected.
- A Scanned copy of the Birth Certificate should be attached with the application. The original has to be produced at the time of Registration for verification.

1.   Name of the Pupil   :   Initial   Name  
2.   Gender   :  
3.   Date of Birth   :   (dd-mm-yyyy) 
    Attach Birth Certificate
(Size between 500 KB and 1800 KB in JPEG Format)
  Note: Original Birth Certificate should be submitted at the time of admission for records.
4.   Class to which Admission is sought for   :  
    Class of studying in the
    current academic year
  Note: Original Transfer Certificate should be submitted before the school opening date.
5.   Second Language
( Applicable for classes JM1-X only )
6.   a. Present Address   :  
        Door No.   :  
        Street   :  
        Area   :  
        Locality   :  
        City   :  
        Pincode   :  
        Landmark   :  
        Native Place   :  
  b. Residence   :  

Are you planning to shift the Residence near the School?
(If you are currently out of station or residing far away from the school with practical difficulty in commuting.)

Father's Details
Mother's Details
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