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From the Desk of the Educational Officer

We dedicate ourselves for the well-being of the Students, the Staff and the Parents

The School was inaugurated on 15th June 2012, by the Honourable Justice, Sri M. Karpagavinayagam, Chairperson Appellate Tribunal for Electricty, New Delhi. This Senior Secondary School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

On the day of inauguration, the strength of the school from classes JM1 to VII was 2213. Classes VIII to XII were added in the subsequent years at one class per year. The first batch of 204 students of class X appeared for the Board Examination in March 2016 and produced excellent results. 69 students of class XII will appear for the Board Examination in March 2018.

The benediction of the divine mother Smt.K.Sundaravalli, has ushered in glory to all the Institutions under the banner of the SSM Group. Our School has witnessed an exponential growth from the date of its inception. Today the school has 7236 Students, 379 Teaching Staff and 312 Administrative and other support staff on rolls.

We are blessed with students who are incredibly good, staff who work with total involvement and parents who support us in all our endeavours. The Management reciprocates its gratitude to all, by its complete focus on the creation of the next generation.

All the stakeholders take pride to be a part of the SSM Family and jointly work for the well-being of our beloved children.

We work with the motto "TAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA" तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय - "Darkness to Light". We enlighten spirtual knowledge by imparting values and culture and in the process, bring the students from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom. We protect the students who are in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the cutting edge technologies and nuclear family system in which both the parents are employed. They are deprived of the happiness of real life and are drifting away from the legacy of culture, heritage including customs and traditions. We agree that the change in the society for development has become inevitable.

The school spends all its time and energy at its command in providing the perfect ambience to the students to create a conducive environment for the learning process. We strongly believe that Education and Experience go hand-in-hand. We aim at preparing the students for a holistic development to face the challenges ahead. This temple of knowledge, with the state-of-the-art, world-class facilities, imparts qualitative Education comprising of aesthetic, moral, physical and emotional dimensions. The infrastructure available in the school is projected under different headings, elsewhere in this book.

We approach uncertainty with forethought and determination, explore new ideas and implement innovative strategies to bring out the dreams into reality. We are confident that the overall progress and development depends on perfect understanding and cooperation among all the four pillars of education - the Students, the Teachers, the Parents and the Management. This Handbook provides a comprehensive outlook on the principles and the goals of the school.

The Handbook serves as a useful reference tool to facilitate smooth functioning of the school administration. The policies of the school are communicated in crystal clear terms so as to enable both the students and the parents to follow the same, day in and day out, throughout their association with the school. The school website plays a vital role in bridging the parents and the school effectively. All the information passed through the website is deemed to have been officially communicated to the parents.

With full time involvement and moral support of the Correspondent in the day-to-day activities of the school, the rules and regulations will be enforced in letter and spirit. Our entire team will dedicate and sacrifice for a proven, sustained concrete upliftment on the academic standard of each and every student. Each of the parent and student must mentally get ready to cooperate and sacrifice for such a remarkable challenge ahead. All the school rules have been modified and focussed only towards achieving the goal of academic excellence. The best beneficiary will be our beloved students.

We humbly prostrate at the Lotus feet of the Late Trustees of the Trust Board - Vidwan Pudukkottai Sri. A. Srinivasaraghavan, Dr. K. Parthasarathi, Sri. R. Sethuraman, Smt. T. Vasanthalakshmi and Sri.N.V.S. Srirengarajan and pray for their blessings in abundance.

We submit our sincere prayers to the presiding deity Sri Vidhyaganapathi, to shower His bounteous benisons on our SSM Family.


With Regards and Best Wishes,


Educational Officer

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