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Parents Must


v Co-operate with the school authorities in achieving the objectives, i.e., a good future for the younger generation


v Abide by all the rules and regulations of the school


v Follow a decent dress code while entering the school premises. Avoid dresses like Bermuda Shorts, Lungi, Tight-fitting clothes, sleeveless outfits, etc.,


v Submit requests in the prescribed format


v Switch off the Mobile while entering the school campus


v Drive vehicles inside the campus carefully


v Park the vehicles in the allotted places according to the instructions from time to time for functions and meetings


v Attend the meeting on time without fail and be present till the end of the meeting


v Act with morality while entering school premises and be polite with the school authorities


v Follow the instructions while dropping the wards near the school gate regarding movement of vehicles.


Parent Must Not


v Demand to leave the school premises in the middle of school functions


v Communicate through bus driver or conductor


v Contact any teaching or non-teaching staff


v Communicate through SMS


v Be egoistic/egocentric


v Write any remarks/comments on the notebooks/answer papers


v Enter the school under the influence of Alcohol


v Use harsh words in conversation with school authorities and the staff members while transacting official business


v Handover materials pertaining to the student at the school gate.


For whatever reasons, if a parent is not able to abide by the rules of the school, then the student will be summarily dismissed from the school. If a parent shouts inside the school campus, uses verbal threatening against any staff, acts arrogantly with any driver/conductor/staff, uses harsh words and language during phone/mobile conversation, enters the school under the influence of alcohol, causes damage to school property, then in such instances, the Management shall dismiss the student from the school with immediate effect. There is absolutely no place for Parents' social/financial status or for their ego. As far as school is concerned, all are equal.

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