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v Parents’ Meeting will be convened classwise once a year, on a Sunday, as notified in the calendar. The meetings are to be attended by both the father and the mother. Attendance is compulsory. Leave of absence will be granted on written request 3 days in advance of the meeting date. Such absence will be recorded in the personal file of the student for record. The parents of classes IX to XII alone have to attend the meeting along with their wards.


v Suggestions in writing are welcome from parents, to be taken up for discussion in the meeting for the overall improvement of the school and for the benefit of the students. The meeting will not be an interactive session, but only be informative.


v Parents are requested to attend the meeting without fail and be aware of the happenings in the school, get to know the views of the teachers and the Management for the well-being of their wards and enjoy the hospitality.


v The meetings should be attended only on confirmation, as the seats are reserved and arrangements are to be in place. Parents must not take such matters in a lighter vein and must be conscious when confirmation is made for participation.

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